W.H.A.T. Club

W.H.A.T. Club represents the Tri-State Memorial Hospital employees who donate annually to the Tri-State Hospital Foundation. Those employees set an example for the community by pledging their own support and encouraging the community to do the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many charitable organizations in the community that we can choose to support. Many individuals often forget their own employer, like Tri-State Memorial Hospital, is also a non-profit community organization that will benefit from our giving. With generous support of community members like you, we can continue to provide high quality healthcare to our patients.

Yes, every dollar makes a difference! Over the last ten years, W.H.A.T. Club has raised over $397,335 and donated $149,409 in projects to help improve employee, patient, and visitor experience at Tri-State Memorial Hospital.

Download the form and make a pledge in the amount you wish to give either through a single donation, a one-time paid time off donation, or through payroll deduction. Your donation amount will be kept confidential. If we do not hear from you about your annual W.H.A.T. Club donation, your gift will be automatically renewed. 

You can pledge for up to three years for a Major Giving Initiative donation. If you wish to change your contribution in the coming years, please contact the foundation office at foundation@tsmh.org or 509.758.4902.

There is a minimum of $2 per pay check or four hours paid time off donated. W.H.A.T Club’s goal is 100% participation. All contributions are tax deductible to the amount permitted by law.

Employees will receive a specially designed badge charm and will be invited to exclusive appreciation events throughout the year. Those who give only to the Major Giving Initiative will still be recognized as W.H.A.T. Club members. 

help us continue to

expand the dream

Fall 2021, Tri-State Memorial Hospital will start the construction of a new three story Inpatient and Dietary Wing. This $34 M project includes a main floor housing 6 ICU rooms, lab, admissions area, café & bistro, and
gift shop; a second floor housing 19 medical/surgical single inpatient rooms with 4 observation units (not counted in total bed count); and a lower level.

Tri-State Hospital Foundation’s goal for their major giving initiative is to raise $8M.

Donate through W.H.A.T. Club today! Together we can help create a safer, more spacious, and modernized Inpatient and Dietary Wing. One that we believe will provide patients and families with the comfort, convenience, and care that each deserves.

Projects your donations have funded!

Re-upholster 5 Patient Chairs
Interventional Pain Consultants
8 Stryker Bedside Tables
Nutritional Services
2 Rapid Fire Ovens
Emergency Operations
Visiplex Base
Clearwater Medical Clinic
2 Vital Carts
Human Resources
Plastic Card Printers
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Return donation form with payment to
Tri-State Hospital Foundation, PO Box 636,
Clarkston, WA 99403

For more information,
please call 509.758.4902 or
email foundation@tsmh.org.

Tri-State Hospital Foundation

1215 Evergreen Court, Suite 1
Clarkston, WA 99403

P.O Box 636
Clarkston, WA 99403