Tri-State Dialysis Center gained a 5-Star Rating

Tri-State Memorial Hospital & Medical Campus’ Dialysis Center  has gained a 5-Star Rating with Dialysis Facility Compare, a consumer-oriented website that provides information on how well hospitals provide recommended care to their patients.

Dialysis Facility Compare provides information on more than 7,000 facilities throughout the country. Dialysis Facility Compare helps compare dialysis centers so individuals can choose one that’s right for them and their loved one. The information on Dialysis Facility Compare can help people learn:

  • How well dialysis centers care for their patients
  • How often dialysis centers follow best practices and how effective they are at keeping patients healthy
  • How patients feel about their experience at dialysis centers

Dialysis Facility Compare is one of many sources of information can be used when deciding where to get dialysis. When looking for a dialysis center that is right for a person’s treatment, it is important that individuals talk to their doctor and dialysis center staff about what this information means and how they can use it to make health care decisions. This checklist for choosing a dialysis center can help guide your conversations.  The Dialysis Facility Compare Handbook provides a full overview of the information provided on the Dialysis Facility Compare website.

“We have been a 5-Star Patient Experience Clinic for multiple years now, and now having the 5-Star Overall Rating is a true testament to the support and dedication of our staff, providers, and Tri-State Memorial Hospital,” said Jason Spurlock, Dialysis Services Director. “At Tri-State Memorial Hospital Dialysis Center, our patients’ quality, safety, and satisfaction are always at the center of our attention.”

The Tri-State Dialysis Center has achieved the new 5-Star Rating for high marks with survey ratings inclusive of but not limited to communication and caring of doctors, providing information to patients, and staff compassionate and operations.

Tri-State Memorial Hospital performs dialysis in an outpatient setting for their patients who are stable. Once a patient is admitted to the hospital, they are then treated in their hospital room by a Dialysis Registered Nurse. The Dialysis Center has 12 main stations and one isolation station with the capacity to serve 72 patients. The Dialysis Center also offers two Home Therapy Programs to choose from, Home Hemodialysis and Home Peritoneal Dialysis. Acute treatments for hospitalized patients are also available.

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