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Bill Bonson knew that it was only a matter of time before he would be diagnosed with kidney disease, and in 2014, that time had come. After years of monitoring, he began seeing a nephrologist (kidney doctor) to establish a care plan for his treatment. Bill’s diagnosis came as a result of a preexisting health condition and medicine that was hard on his kidneys.

“About a year after I was diagnosed, I started going to the Tri-State Dialysis Center,” said Bill. “I really like the way they take care of their patients.” Bill has traveled over the past few years and has had treatment at other Washington and Nevada dialysis centers. These experiences have reinforced his gratitude for Tri-State. “It’s always a pleasure to get back to Tri-State.”

The Tri-State Dialysis Center is honored to have received a 5-Star Rating with Dialysis Facility Compare for excellent communication, caring doctors, providing timely and accurate information to patients, and the compassionate staff. Dialysis Facility Compare provides information on more than 7,000 facilities throughout the country. It helps individuals compare dialysis centers, so they have the knowledge to choose one that’s right for them and their loved ones.

“Having a 5-Star Rating is a true testament to the support and dedication of our staff, providers, and Tri-State Memorial Hospital,” said Jason Spurlock, Dialysis Services Director. “Our staff to patient ratio is outstanding. It allows us extended time to do an excellent job of caring directly for each patient.”

Jason has worked at the Tri-State Dialysis Center for ten years and has served as the Director of Dialysis Services since 2016. He oversees the 12 station clinic, with a staff of 19, who take care of around 42 patients each week. The clinic offers three patient shifts to provide for patients’ three-time-per-week treatments. Tri-State Dialysis Center offers two Home Therapy Programs for patients to choose from, Home Hemodialysis and Home Peritoneal Dialysis. Acute treatments for hospitalized patients are also available. Free dialysis education classes or individual sessions are available to the public by calling the Tri-State Dialysis Center and requesting CHOICES education information.

“Our dialysis center feels more like a ‘mom & pop shop,’” said Jason. “Because Tri-State Memorial Hospital is a non-profit, they care about more than the bottom line. It allows my staff to put in the time and care that each patient deserves.”

Tri-State Dialysis Center’s healthcare team also includes a full-time, licensed, master-level Social Worker along with a full-time Registered Dietitian. Having both specialists on staff allows the Tri-State Dialysis Center to meet each patient’s unique needs. Together, nephrology, social work, and dietary services provide the help needed to relieve the social and emotional stresses resulting from end-stage renal disease.

“I have a great relationship with all of the staff at the dialysis center,” said Bill. “Tobi, the RN, takes the time to talk with me about other things outside of dialysis. I know they all really care about me.”

For more information about the Tri-State Dialysis Center please visit or call 509.758.4656

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About a year after I was diagnosed, I started going to the Tri-State Dialysis Center. I really like the way they take care of their patients...I know they really care about me.