Partnering for a Healthier Community

Tri-State Memorial Hospital & Medical Campus and St. Joseph Regional Medical Center (St. Joe’s) are collaborating to ensure all dialysis patients in the Lewis-Clark Valley do not have to travel far for the care they deserve. After discussion, it was decided that Tri-State Memorial Hospital would offer dialysis services at St. Joe’s.

“Offering dialysis at St. Joe’s allows us to provide for those we care for immensely,” said Jason Spurlock, Dialysis Services Director at Tri-State Memorial Hospital. “Between the two hospitals, our patients will have access to high-quality care without leaving home.”

St. Joe’s offers some additional specialties that are not offered at Tri-State Memorial Hospital such as Cardiology and around the clock GI care. With Tri-State and St. Joe’s collaboration, dialysis patients who require additional specialty care do not have to be transferred out of the Lewis-Clark Valley. With inpatient dialysis services available at both hospitals, this allows a better opportunity for the dialysis population to receive the care they need, without having to be far away from their home and support system.

“Having Tri-State Memorial Hospital’s dialysis team at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center ensures that our patients have access to time-critical hemodialysis 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” said Holly Urban, MSN, RN, and Interim Chief Nursing Officer, at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center. “We’re pleased to be able to offer such a needed, specialized service to our patients. Tri-State and St. Joe’s working together means better healthcare for our community.”

“The Tri-State team is very professional and skilled,” said Dale Morgan, MSN, RN, and Director of Critical Care at St Joseph Regional Medical Center. “We enjoy working with them here at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center – it’s good for them and good for us, but most importantly, we are pleased that this partnership will help meet the needs of patients in our area.”

The Tri-State Dialysis Center was recently honored with a 5-star rating from Dialysis Facility Compare. The award was given for excellent communication, caring doctors, providing timely and accurate information to patients, and the compassionate staff. Tri-State Dialysis will continue to provide high-quality care to the entire Lewis-Clark Valley. We look forward to our ongoing partnership with St. Joe’s as we continue to make our community’s health our first priority.