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At Tri-State Orthopedics, we want you to do more than simply live. We want you to thrive.

Through the use of Mako SmartRobotics™ Tri-State Orthopedics is improving the surgical experience for each of their patients. By utilizing advanced 3D modeling and a guided robotic arm, the surgical team provides a more accurate level of precision so that you can begin to heal today, and thrive tomorrow.

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Johnie Brown's Testimonial

Dr. Regan Hansen, robotic surgery specialist, used Mako Smart Robotics™ at the Tri-State Surgery Center to give JB his best opportunity for healing. The advanced guided robotic arm assistance technology combined with 3D modeling allowed Dr. Hansen to provide a more accurate level of precision resulting in quicker and faster recovery times.

Meet the Lewiston Orthopedics Surgeons

Performing Surgeries with Mako SmartRobotics™

Bryan Beardsley, MD
Lewiston Orthopedics

Regan Hansen, MD
Lewiston Orthopedics

DeWayne Weaver, MD
Lewiston Orthopedics

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