Minor Care Center: Ready to Serve

Tri-State Minor Care Center: Ready to Serve

When you need care quickly, but don’t need the emergency room, visit Tri-State Minor Care!

Beginning Monday, June 1, Tri-State Minor Care will resume seeing all non-life threatening illnesses and injuries while also being the testing center for COVID-19. Tri-State Minor Care is open six days a week; no appointment necessary.

Our Minor Care, as well as other facilities, are safe, operational, and prepared to handle all minor care issues that still need attention, in addition to COVID-19 cases. We strictly follow the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention protocols to ensure we are safe for our patients when those unexpected minor injuries or illnesses occur.

During this time of uncertainty, many are apprehensive about visiting a hospital. There is no reason to delay care when something urgent comes up. Tri-State Minor Care is prepared and available to care for you and your family.

When should I go to Tri-State Minor Care?
Visit Tri-State Minor care for urgent problems that are not life-threatening, but still need attention, such as:

  • Coughs, colds, sore throats
  • Sprains and strains
  • Rashes or skin irritations
  • Minor burns
  • Ear infections and sinus infections
  • Minor cuts and lacerations
  • Allergies
  • Nausea and diarrhea
  • Migraines

What to Expect

Our highest priorities are your health and well-being. We have implemented extra precautions to ensure that we are doing everything we can to minimize any risk to our patients and staff members.

We are testing and screening.

  • Every person who visits Tri-State Minor Care – or any other of Tri-State’s facilities – is screened for COVID-19 symptoms and risk factors.
  • All staff members and providers are self-screening daily. They do not come into work if they have any sign of symptoms related to COVID-19.
  • We will immediately separate anyone who we believe may have COVID-19 before they come into contact with other patients.
  • Masking in the facilities.
  • All staff members and patients must wear masks in Tri-State Minor Care.

Facility cleanliness.

  • Surfaces and equipment are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, using products that are effective against the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.
  • We clean our waiting room frequently.
  • Our exam rooms are disinfected frequently, including before and after each patient.
  • All of our providers and staff wash or sanitize their hands before and after interacting with patients.

Social distancing protocols.

  • We are not allowing visitors, with only a few exceptions. If you are visiting Tri-State Minor Care, please come alone unless you are underage or need assistance.
  • We are following social distancing guidelines for patients and staff members.
  • Our waiting chairs are spaced six feet apart, and only a few patients are allowed in the waiting room at a time.

Do not ignore healthcare.

Your healthcare is just as important now as it was before COVID-19. If you are not feeling well, do not hesitate to call your primary care provider or come to the Tri-State Minor Care facility.

“We are seeing a decrease in patients seeking care,” said Craig Stein, Director of Clinic Services, including Tri-State Minor Care. “Delay of care can add additional strain to a patient. We want our community to know that we will always be there for you if you are in need of medical care.”