Tri-State Hospital Foundation Received 15 Electronic Tablets

COVID Tech Connect donated 15 Samsung Galaxy Tab A devices to Tri-State Memorial Hospital for patient care. Devices were distributed to the emergency, surgery, and inpatient care units beginning the week of May 17. Patients can now connect with family members or use the devices as a support tool during their stay in the hospital.

“The Tri-State Hospital Foundation submitted a request in March, and we were excited to hear back on the generous donation from COVID Tech Connect,” said D’Lynn Ottmar, Chief Development Officer at Tri-State Hospital Foundation. “This heartfelt gift will be valuable to the patients in our hospital, including their family and friends.”

COVID Tech Connect was founded with a mission to connect critically ill COVID-19 patients with their loved ones by donating smart devices to hospitals and care facilities across the country. They offer anywhere from 5-15 devices per facility, giving priority to those in greatest need.
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