Do not wait to get the care you deserve

Do not wait to get the care you deserve.

Even during a pandemic, your healthcare needs do not stop. There is no need to put your health on hold. Tri-State Memorial Hospital & Medical Campus is ready to serve you through high-quality healthcare that you can trust.

Maintaining your health is crucial. All of our clinics can accommodate telemedicine services. Do not hesitate to call your provider’s office to receive additional information about setting up an appointment so that you do not put your health on hold.

How do I request a telemedicine appointment?

You can request a telemedicine appointment through “My Health Portal” if you are already an existing patient, or by calling your provider’s office. If you request an appointment through “My Health Portal,” your provider’s office will reach out to you to finalize the details of your telemedicine appointment.

How do I access my appointment?

Tri-State Memorial Hospital will send you a link via email to set up your telemedicine appointment. You can access your appointment through either a smartphone, tablet, or computer that has a webcam, microphone, and a Wi-Fi Connection.

Is telemedicine technology difficult to use?

Our software is designed to be easy and convenient. If you have experience with other online applications such as email, Facebook, or Skype, you should be able to use our software without any issues.

Is telemedicine private and secure?

Yes, our software is encrypted and designed to be safe to speak with patients without worry.

Does my insurance cover telemedicine visits?

Most insurance companies cover nearly all telemedicine visits. Please check with your insurance provider for confirmation or additional details.

Can I still see my provider in-person?

You can still see your primary care provider, in-person. We are still restricting visitor access, screening at the entrances, and requiring all patients to wear masks at our facility.

We are committed to keeping our community informed as we begin to see more non-emergent and elective procedures. As restrictions begin to lift, we will provide more information.