Darrah McCall,

Tri-State Clearwater Medical Clinic

1522 17th Street
Lewiston, ID 83501

About Darrah McCall

Darrah McCall, BSW, grew up in the Lewis-Clark Valley and has been a weight loss and health coach for three years. She received her Bachelor of Social Work from Lewis Clark State College in 2007 and is group fitness certified. In addition to being a health coach, Darrah currently runs a local fitness business. She loves to stay active and used to be an All-American cross country runner and national cross country competitor. She enjoys working with people one-on-one to help them achieve their health and wellness goals to live their best life.

Lewis- Clark State College

Community Reviews

HMR Patient
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Darrah had helped set me on a path I couldn't figure out alone. Her blend of knowledge, kindness and ultimate support has been a life saver. She's wonderful.
HMR Patient
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Darrah McCall is amazing offering a safe place to discover strategies for health and wellness. Her encouragement and belief in your ability will set you on fire for moving forward to do the things we can find hard to do by ourselves.
HMR Patient
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Darrah has a way of making you feel special. Even if she probably has heard it all before. I may have understood what I needed to do for myself but she was my cheerleader helping me achieve my goal!! I would recommend her 10x over.